Submissions are now closed.

We invited paper proposals related to, but not restricted to, the following thematic fields:

  • Theories and methodologies in yoga studies
  • Transnational flow of yoga
  • Local variations of yoga
  • Yoga and language – philology, linguistics, and textual analysis
  • Yoga, the mind, and cognition
  • Yoga and decolonisation
  • Yoga and strategies of legitimisation
  • Social dynamics in yoga milieus
  • Access, affiliation and inclusion in yoga
  • Power and abuse in yoga
  • Scholar-practitioner challenges
  • Yoga and nationalism
  • Yoga, democracy, and social change
  • Technologies of yoga
  • Yoga and modern technology
  • Changes and challenges during the pandemic
  • Yoga and medicine

The time scheduled for paper presentations is 20 minutes, with 10 additional minutes for discussion and questions. Papers should be presented in English.

If you wish, you can download a PDF copy of the Call for Papers.