Covid-19 Protocols

Last updated 24/1/2022

The YDYS Organising Committee recognises the uncertainty and risk surrounding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The conference website will be updated regularly should regulations in Poland change in view of the epidemiological situation. Should the risk appear acceptable, we are committed to hosting an in-person conference and, for those unable to attend, online access will be available.

Before coming

We expect all attendees to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and their colleagues whilst at the conference.

Please ensure that you have adequate travel insurance and accommodation plans in place to cover any eventualities.

In Poland

Respect the sanitary restrictions implemented by the local authorities. To this end, the regulations are regularly updated and published here [link to official site]

In the event that you become Covid positive during your travel or at the conference, please inform the event organisers immediately, do not attend the conference in person, and comply with Polish regulations.

On site

The Covid protocols in place will conform to the standard operating procedures of Jagiellonian University, which are currently here [link to official site]. Additionally the conference organisers will ensure that:

  • Premises are ventilated and cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Only persons appearing on the lists entrusted to the organising committee will be authorised to enter the premises.
  • Sanitary control at the entrance (temperature/hand cleaning with hydro alcoholic gel) will be mandatory.
  • The wearing of masks in communal areas and by all non-presenting attendees at panels will be mandatory.
  • Meeting room occupancy will comply with venue protocols on capacity.

If you suspect contamination please avoid in-person attendance at the conference venue, contact the organising committee and self-isolate as a precaution until you have clarity on your Covid status.

Note that

The conference organisers do not accept liability for costs incurred as a result of contracting Covid whilst travelling to or from, or attending, the conference.

The organising committee will continue to monitor the guidance of government and health experts as we plan and update all attendees accordingly.